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At Chancery West Law, we know legal problems like most other problems need dealing with quickly, efficiently, with certainty of the desired outcome but importantly with honesty, sensitivity and confidentiality. We make the process of dealing with solicitors, employers, employees, the Home Office or any other government departments, the courts or the Tribunals less stressful for you. We are not going to write you a book or send you many page letter of what we can do for you. But we can assure you of a satisfied service and that your trust in our service will be rewarded.

Funding Your Case

Your legal costs in any legal matter may include all or some of the following: solicitors’ fees, counsel or barrister fees, professional experts’ fees, application fees, court or tribunal fees, your opponent’s costs etcetera. These costs, most times, even for very good cases may be overwhelming if you were to pay privately.

There are various funding options available depending on your particular case and your circumstances. We will advise you on the options available. We promise to explore funding options available to you for your case before we take on your case and we will not to allow fees or costs deny you access to justice.

Funding Options

You have various funding options available to you, depending on the nature of your matter and the outcome you seek.The following are the options available:

You pay your legal fees yourself 

Hourly rate
Law firms and solicitors charge for their services at an hourly rate commensurate with their experience, qualification, level and area of expertise. This is the standard practice in the legal profession. We have an hourly fee structure for our solicitors and caseworkers. Our hourly fee is very competitive and will be agreed with you before the start of your matter. We will give you an estimate of your total costs and regular update of costs in your matter.

Fixed fee/Agreed fees
For one-off specific instructions or matters that have clear and definite stages we may be able to offer you a fixed fee/agreed fee option. This means that you will be told the specific amount your fees will be and it will only cover for that instruction or that stage of the matter only. Please note that we may be unable to offer this funding for certain matters e.g. where we will be dealing with ongoing correspondence.

A third party pays all or some of your legal fees

Your employer
Some employers may agree to pay your legal fees or contribute to your legal fees in certain matters and circumstances. We will discuss this with you if the circumstances of your case falls into this category.

Your union
If you are a member of certain unions or organisations, you may be entitled to get the union pay your legal fees under your membership.Please contact us to discuss whether you maybe eligible for this option.

Legal Expenses Insurance (LEI)
If you have an LEI policy, you may be able to fund your case under this policy. Please note that certain restrictions may apply under your policy e.g. on the type of matter that your policy may cover.

Public/Legal Aid funding
Depending on the subject matter of your case and your eligibility to access public funds you may be eligible to receive public funding for your matter. Please note that most areas of law are excluded and that you will be means assessed to receive this funding. We will discuss this with you if it is an option available in your case.

You don’t pay solicitor’s fees

Conditional fee agreement (popularly called No Win No Fee)
We may be able to offer you a No win No fee agreement where if you lose your case you will not pay our solicitors’ fees. This is dependent on certain criteria your case needs to meet to be eligible for this type of funding. We will discuss this with you if it is available in your case.

Free Legal Consultation/Pro Bono Advice Sessions

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